Canyon Bicycles - Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift | Out in Front

A behind the scenes look of the long-awaited return of the women's Tour de France in 2022. Witness the advances and setbacks that led to a historic moment in women's cycling.

Out in Front is about riders who have the strength and courage to break away from convention. This is encapsulated in CANYON//SRAM Racing’s success in the 2022 Tour de France Femme and through the recollections of Kelly, Trout and Canins as they look back on their experiences of women’s cycling in the 1980s.

It becomes clear that ‘where women belong’ in cycling has changed for good. The 2022 Tour de France Femmes was the first official race after a hiatus of more than 30 years, marking a seminal moment for gender equality in cycling.

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