This episode of "This Rider" uncovers an otherwise unseen part of Emily Chappell and Jenny Tough's careers. Conscious that they are not alone in their struggles with body image, they openly discuss their relationship with their bodies with the goal of encouraging others to be kinder to themselves.  

The film follows Emily and Jenny on their trip through Slovenia.

It’s a story of friendship and the importance of having someone to open up to. Talking about her motivation to work on this project, Jenny said: “We realised that the thoughts plaguing our own minds were not actually unique to us - that there is a widespread problem here that should theoretically be easy to fix. We wanted to start being part of that fix.”

“We hope that the film will start a thousand conversations and give people the space and opportunity to bring their own body issues into the light. It's often only when you finally look the problem in the face that you start to recognise it for what it is, and for both of us, it was hearing the other person talking about her poor body image and thinking "but you have nothing to worry about," that ended up being a lightbulb moment,” said Emily. 

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